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Tucked between Beverly Hills and Brentwood, this wealthy area is home to many of the super rich and Movie Stars. With it's large palatial mansions and wonderful ocean and city views protected by large gates and the Bel-Air Patrol, one can see where the money is Los Angeles resides. Lush and green with close proximity to downtown, Beverly Hills, the Valley and Hollywood, many of the Studio's top moguls live here with their families and huge retinue of staff. There are no shopping centers or schools here to speak of. Everything is "imported" and their prodigy attend the finest private schools.

This is an area of romantic Spanish bungalows in the moderate price range conveniently tucked in between Hancock Park and West Hollywood harboring young professionals and their families and some of the older "original Angelinos." Eclectic shops and restaurants and close to Wilshire Boulevard which provides easy access to Downtown to the east and Beverly Hills to the west. Many professionals start out here before moving up to larger more expansive residences.

An elegant community that balances stellar living conditions with solid schools, good recreational and cultural facilities, excellent dining, and easy access to medical care. Home to many professional types such as attorneys, managers, doctors, international businessmen, recording artists, and of course, Movie Stars.

Just a mile North of Sunset Boulevard all the way to Mulholland lies a prestigious hillside community with terrific views and the advantage of having a Beverly Hills zip code, namely, 90210. Although one's address here is Beverly Hills, the land actually is part of the city of Los Angeles, thus the prodigy of the residents are not allowed to enroll in the Beverly Hills School System. This area has no schools, shopping centers, or restaurants but is conveniently located close to Beverly Hills and The Valley thus making it the ideal locale for those who work with The Studios and need access to both sides of the hill. Homes here run the gamut from the cute little cottages and bungalows to the palatial tennis court estates of the rich and famous.

Before Brentwood became a world famous backdrop for the O.J. Simpson melodrama, it was simply a quiet burg that epitomized the Southern California lifestyle. It is a mixed offering of homeowners, attorneys, doctors, Movie Stars, and of course, the Mayor of Los Angeles. Living conditions are good, crime isn't a major problem, recreational facilities are plentiful, and the climate is great.

An elegant community once the prime area of rich homes before Bel Air was developed and Beverly Hills was just starting to become a city features large states with rolling lawns, large pools and guest houses. Some of most beautiful architecture can be seen here and it is a treat just to ride east on Sixth Street and see these splendid homes. The Mayor's Mansion, "The Getty House", newly restored, is here along with the homes of moneyed businessmen, doctors, lawyers, agents, and a few movie stars. This area is probably one of the few areas that is flat and offers a traditional neighborhood feel.

A beautiful residential area on the Eastern most fringes of the "Westside" with estates reminiscent of "Old Hollywood". This is where the studio executives of Hollywood's Golden Era once lived and is now populated by business executives and professionals. Much architectural diversity is found here with a few Frank Lloyd Wright homes. Easy access to the Freeway makes this a most convenient enclave for those who work in downtown Los Angeles.

The resort of the rich. It's rural beauty is unsurpassed, and it's beaches and ocean views remain pristine. Malibu is tied with Beverly Hills as the most desirable living environment and many residents have homes in both places. Wonderful climate and great restaurants like Granita,Goeffrey's,Bambu, Tra Di Noi, make this a place that seems to have everything, except when it rains.

Truly a harbor community with a European feel. Wonderful restaurants by the channel where you can relax and watch the boats go by. Fresh salty air, tropical breezes, you feel like you are always on vacation. Here lives many of the young jet-setters and many successful businessmen.

A sleepy village by the sea which offers excellent ocean view homes and backs up to the Santa Monica mountains. A great place for families and a place where you like peace and solitude. Minutes from the beach and it's great restaurants and has a great little village town center. The quiet home to Movie Stars who like to stay out of the limelight, such as Sylvester Stallone, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell and Bill Cosby.

The unique city by the sea. The city and residents have a slightly wacky reputation for their progressiveness and desire for the unusual. It doesn't get much better than this for culture, arts, and entertainment. Great shopping, and fine restaurants such as Chinois on Main, Michael's, Drago, Valentino, and Rockenwagner, the little cafes on the Third Street Promenade. And let's not forget the fabulous newly redone Santa Monica Pier with it's new amusement park. Home to Movie Stars and the eclectic.

This area of hillside homes with some of the best views in Los Angeles stretches from Los Feliz to the East, to the Nichols Canyon area and the Laurel Canyon hills west to the famous Sunset Strip next to Beverly Hills.

Home to the artistic type, recording and studio personalities and well as young and hip successful business executives this area stretching from Sunset Boulevard to Mulholland offers convenience, views, and privacy. As is common in the hills, homes here range from the moderately expensive to multimillion dollar estates next to each other. Definitely a "hot" area to live in.

This artistic community has some of the regions most innovative and interesting architecture, great restaurants such as 72 Market Street, and the popular beach and world famous Venice Boardwalk. Parts of the community are not the safest place to be yet here we see enclaves of the rich next to homes packed close together harboring the artistic.

A very "together" community between Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills offering many of the World's best restaurants such as L'Orangerie, Drai's, Morton's, Eclipse, Spago, Mimosa, and let's not forget Jerry's Famous Deli, and shopping at the Sunset Plaza boutiques or the largely popular Beverly Center. This quiet community is also filled with quaint sidewalk cafes and little shops offering every kind of merchandise you can think of, especially in the trendy Melrose district. The residents here vary from the very young hopeful actors and actresses to the elderly. The city is well known for it's diversity and one is sure to hear every language spoken here. Safe, quaint, and affordable.

A "University Town" around world famous U.C.L.A. harbors sleepy bungalows and luxurious high rise condominiums on the "Wilshire Corridor". A great family area with schools and parks and terrific entertainment in "Westwood Village" filled with Movie theaters, shops, and restaurants. Nestled between Beverly Hills and Brentwood it provides easy access to Downtown or the Beaches via the 405 Freeway.